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Sarah Kelley says...

I recently returned from a trip to Sierra Leone and Liberia to see Water of Life's work first hand. I've seen mothers while children tied to their backs collect water out of an open, dirty well to use for their families. And I've seen the incredible joy on the faces of an entire village when clean water started flowing from a newly installed well. I've also heard a community's deep gratitude expressed during worship at a church planted after Water of Life's work. I want to do more to help.

West Africa is an area plagued by a decade+ long civil war, desperate poverty, and widespread disease. But it is also an area filled with some of the most resilient people you will ever meet. The people of West Africa may practice Isalm or Christianity on the surface, but underneath, tribal culture and tribal religions run deep. An entire generation came to age during years of violent civil war leaving them lacking in education and job skills. Understandably, their instinct is to do whatever’s needed simply to survive. The Ebola outbreak running from spring 2014 to the end of 2015 ravaged an already devastated area. But Water of Life knows with God all things are possible, and we are seeing vast improvements in an area thirsty for good news.  Most of our work takes place in Sierra Leone and Liberia, but just like God’s love, tribal villages don’t always follow political boundaries - so we sometimes find ourselves crossing into Guinea to serve villages in need.

Water of Life has partnered with Pastor Alphonso Barry with Africa for Jesus in Sierra Leone and Dennis Aggrey with the Christian Revival Church Association in Liberia to build the trust within unreached villages to share the love of Christ through the gift of clean water. They both will tell you, providing a village with life-giving water is the quickest way to open doors that were previously closed to share the Gospel.

Your donation will go to bring fresh water to thirsty villages in desperate need of it, and support Water of Life's pastor partners to bring the hope that lies in Jesus Christ wherever hope is needed.

Suggested Donations

Gives clean water to an entire village by drilling a new water well $3,500 Donate
Gives clean water to 200 people $1,000 Donate
Gives clean water to 100 people $500 Donate
Provides the fuel needed to drill one water well $250 Donate
Gives clean water to 20 people $100 Donate
Provides pastor training and evangelism resources $50 Donate
Gives clean water to 5 people $25 Donate

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